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    ทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรี jokerอาแปะ

    Supermarket has been serving up good vibes and great live music and dancing in the heart of Kensington Market since 2004.

    There is post-dining entertainment nightly at Supermarket and the menu is eclectic! Indie rock one night, a poetry slam the next, a DJ dance party, book launch, open mics, etc. Supermarket has a great back room (seating capacity 100) that is open for all kinds of entertainment to be booked in. It can be separated from the front area dining room (and patio) or the back space can be “opened up” to allow the entertainment to take over the entire space (capacity 348). Professional full PA, audio and video provided. The room can be be configured with chairs and tables for sit down events or the furniture can be struck for live music and dancing. Pro sound technicians oversee the entertainment.